The Undoing Project 橡皮擦計畫

大推!Another book that will make my top 10 reads this year. The story behind the genius duo that changed our understanding of how humans make decisions

“People predict by making up stories
People predict very little and explain everything
People live under uncertainty whether they like it or not
People believe they can tell the future if they work hard enough
People accept any explanation as long as it fits the facts
The handwriting was on the wall it was just the ink that was invisible
People often work hard to obtain information they already have and avoid new knowledge
Man is a deterministic device thrown into a probalistic universe. In this match surprises are expected
Everything that has already happened must have been inevitable”

“魔球”,“大賣空”,“攻其不備”作者的最新力作。敘述“快思慢想”作者心理學家Daniel Kahneman (諾貝爾經濟學獎得主) 和另一心理學大師朋友 Amos Tsversky 的人生,他們的友誼,和他們合作對心理學產生的巨大影響,擴及行為經濟學,財經股市,保險,醫療診斷,組織行為,教育等各種領域。我相信也對於人工智慧有很大的啟發。

100% 確定可獲得80萬跟50/50機會獲得兩百萬(或零),多數人選前者
100% 確定損失80萬跟50/50損失兩百萬,多數人選後者



中文版 “橡皮擦計劃:兩位天才心理學家,一段改變世界的情誼”

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