The Lords of Strategy

As we take “strategy” for granted nowadays, it didn’t occur to me how recently new (50-60 years) of a concept it is. So what were companies doing before that? This book offers the background of how all the major “trends” were formed, much more interesting than the theories themselves.

And, it reminds me of the old (and best I’ve read) book of strategy — Suntze’s “Art of war”. Most of the frameworks today are rooted in western (American) corporations and culture. With the rise of Asian economy and corporations, I’m looking forward to what impact those cultures and philosophies will bring to the world.

每個時代都有不同的管理理論流行,競爭力分析,五力圖,A到A+, 以人為本,研究企業文化,四格分析,SWOT,然後最近的大數據分析。了解其生成的背景,就知道沒有一個是鐵律。每隔幾年就會有人出來列舉某暢銷理論的模範生倒閉或是被買了。




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