The Jewish Phenomenon 猶太現象

Finally finished this extended reading after reading about the Jews and Hollywood

Stereotypes or not, like or not, there’s a lot to learn from the culture of this group. Maybe my Jewish friends can tell me how real this is 🙂

1. Understand that real wealth is portable; it’s knowledge

2. Take care of your own and they will take care of you

3. Successful people are professionals and entrepreneurs

4. Develop your verbal confidence
培養口語表達的自信心 (台灣人很需要這一項,但要搭配深度的自主思考能力)

5. Be selectively extravagant but prudently frugal

6. Take pride in individuality: encourage creativity

7. Be psychologically driven to prove something
內心被驅動著要證明自己 (聽起來有點變態,但以他們被壓迫趕逐歧視的歷史看來,似乎有那麼一點道理)

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