The Box 貨櫃造就的全球貿易

貨櫃,全球化經濟的重要推手之一。非常好看的書,讓人思考全球化,科技轉變時的社會結構轉變,新舊城市的興衰。沒時間讀這本書,至少也可以讀一下Bill Gates 的評論


“Any change in technology, leads almost inevitably to an improvement in the welfare of some and to a deterioration in that of others” — Joel Mokyr, economist

One of the better books from Bill Gates #GatesNotes, and his post about this book is just as good

Innovation, Disruption, and Progress: What Do Vaccines, Software, and Shipping Containers Have in Common?

While I’m reading this book, technology is transforming the freight/shipping business once again:

Freight startup attracts silicon valley’s attention

Amazon building global delivery business to take on Alibaba

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