Michael Jordan, The Life 麥可喬丹傳

The only time of the year to read 700 pages about Michael Jordan

Going back to times where black athletes weren’t sure if they were competitive enough in basketball, when Jordan was cut off from his own high school team, when Nike was just a 25 million dollar company, when Jordan was a White Sox player, when Phil Jackson masterfully coached the team back to championship, up to the still evolving story of Jordan as the owner of Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets


也想起高中時外行地跟著同學看球賽,follow 小蟲不斷進化的髮色,還有老師讓我們上課時間到福利社看公牛vs 鳳凰城太陽 那場在最後幾秒逆轉的冠軍賽。

中文版 “麥可喬丹傳”


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