The Simpsons and thier Mathematical Secrets 創造辛普森一家的數學怪傑們

“Cross my heart and hope to die,
Here’re the digits that make pi
(From “Lisa’s Sax”, The Simpson’s, 1997)

Discovering all the hidden treasures in the Simpson’s. Never realized how many math geeks were behind this to increase the comedic density of the show, and how the writers introduced obscure references that rewarded viewers with niche knowledge.

The episode in 2000 predicted Trump and Hillary-look-alike-Lisa as presidents, so I need to learn the math

‘Simpsons’ predicted Trump presidency in 2000

從來都不知道“辛普森家庭”的製作團隊是一群數學家,偷偷地在好多集裡面置入數學,pi (Homer 最愛的派), e, 多維空間,質數,和一堆客串的科學家如霍金斯等。讀完後好想找Big Bang的Sheldon和朋友們來聊聊啊~



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