The Satire of Startups 獨角獸與祂的產地


#LMAO ! Supposedly the real world version of HBO’s ” Silicon Valley”

I started laughing out loud on my flights beginning from this “The offices bear a striking resemblance to the Montessori preschool that my kids attended: lots of bright basic colors, plenty of toys, and a nap room with a hammock and soothing palm tree murals on the wall.”

However, if the author would cut the latter part of his slow and painful exit, which sounded a bit sour to me, I would have given it a higher score

創業真的很不容易,但似乎科技創業變成一種時尚,有時炒作甚至超越商業的本質 (aka, 賺錢)然後以創新之名做很多模糊的事也很值得思考的(是突破框架還是違法?是行銷還是個人崇拜?從來沒有獲利卻市值數千萬美金?)



中文版 “獨角獸與牠的產地:矽谷新創公司歷險記”

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