The Pursuit of Italy 義大利的前世今生

Studying Italy, while sort-of babysitting.

“How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?” says Charles de Gaulle of France.

Understaing how diverse Italy is, it’s probably even more challenging, though the strong force of “companilisimo” is still pulling people together

我以為的義大利跟150年前成立時大不同 (基本上是5,6 個王國與城市的合體)。看完後才瞭解它為什麼會有莫索里尼,為什麼創造豐富藝術的國家會有貝魯斯克尼這樣膚淺的總理,然後黑手黨(Mafilio) ,貧民吧(ghetto), 法西斯主義 (facist)原本的意思是什麼

一邊讀著 Naples, Bolognese, Sicily, Parma, 我才發現自己早被制約,腦中立即的反映是 pizza, pasta, spaghetti, ham…..Ok, I need to get some Italian food now!

Also a shout out to my friend Suzy who showed me the beauty of Florence <3

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