The Power of Babel 官方語言,方言,還是火星文?(2)



6000+ languages, representing 6000+ ways of being human

Absolutely loved McWhorter’s perpective regarding language. So much more than just information, it even goes beyond culture and civilization. Humans are biological creatures and language follows a similar path of evolution. This is especially interesting to read during times of AI/natural speech technology progress. Its important to not look at it merely from an information aspect, but also biological (ie. Human emotions) and environmantal aspects (epigenetics seems to apply, too)

His book about “Black English” was a fun read. Showing how its mire of a dialect than just bad grammar, and how its rich in language markers.

I have to admit that when reading examples, in my head I read in Samuel Jackson and Queen LaTifah’s voices, love them actors 😄

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