The Patient Will See You Now 未來醫療

Re-imagining medicine. While the comparison of “democratizing medicine” to “Martin Luther’s challenge to the Catholic church” is a bit far fetched, I do like the concept that patients , along with our smart devices, can co-produce medical intelligence with the doctor. This requires not just better technology, but smarter patients who are more engaged and educated

為了明天要跟一群醫生開會,硬是在這幾天K完一本上週才出版的書, 稍微瞭解普及科技在醫療領域的應用未來(還好有kindle, 只要30 秒下載),書到用時方恨少啊!

收穫很多但頭腦快爆炸了. My head hurts, I need ice cream and would love to get a hug from Baymax

Here’s a review from WSJ :

中文版 (簡中):“未來醫療”

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