The Fighter’s Mind 所謂的鬥志

“We’re all fighting something”

Fascinating book about stories of fighters, and what’s going through their minds to get to the top. Before reaching your Zen, your zone, your flow, it’s all about logging in those 100,000 hours until mastery.

本週出差沒有練拳擊,只好讀一下打架心理學。連我這個拳擊菜逼八都可以深刻感受到拳擊(或任何的武術)都是心理戰和無止盡的練習啊~ 作者是神力女超人電影導演的老公。

台上十分鐘,台下十年功。每位鬥士(拳擊,柔術,MMA, 空手道,等)都有好棒的故事,我只能略微註記:

– Learning from loss 從失敗中你學到最多
– Dealing with frustration 知道如何處理沮喪
– Sticking to the last minute 堅持到最後一秒
– Open-mindedness, humility 心胸開闊與謙卑
– Controlling your ego 管好你的自我和驕傲
– Maturity 成熟老練所帶來的好處
– There’s no short cuts but only obsession 沒有捷徑,只有欲罷不能的著迷
– Taking a lot of beating, then knowing how to relax 不斷經歷擊打,到一種可以在戰鬥中放鬆的境界
– The sense of play 熱愛到變成是在玩
– Seeing the whole picture 能綜觀整個戰局
– Fighting is about identity, it forces you to learn who you are 打鬥是關乎你的身份,它會逼你認清自己的真貌

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