The Death of Money 貨幣之死

Rethinking money on the flight back home

Strangely this book reminded me of the Die Hard movies. How “Simon” sent McClane and Zeus running around while his army went to the Fed’s basement to steal gold. How the hackers performed the “fire sale” of financial assets in the real world and Gabriel wiped out McClane’s 401k over the phone

自從有歐元後,小時候學的 “主權,領土,貨幣” 為國家成立的條件,已不適用了

自從有bit coin這類虛擬貨幣出現,錢的定義也不再一樣了

再加上big data 驚人的預測能力,錢/貨幣/價值/信任基礎 都值得重新思考

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