The Brain 大腦解密手冊

“We’re at an unprecedented moment in history, one in which brain science and technology are co-evolving, what happens at this intersection is poised to change who we are.”

My travel companion this week. Great book about the brain. Starts off quite simple but goes into all the crazy possibilities. Not only does it explain the basics, but provides technical explanation of why social rejection “hurts”, how coding empathy might be possible, and where all the crazy hacking of our hardware(physical body) and software (genes, etc) might lead to.


最後作者還提到莊子的“莊周夢蝶”。照現在把人的硬體(肉身,感官,腦神經)和軟體(Genome, DNA, .etc)分別研究, 莊子抽離的情境還真是說對了!身為我,到底是這軟硬體的組成還是更多?什麼是認知?什麼是思想?


中文版 “大腦解密手冊:誰在做決策、現實是什麼、為何沒有人是孤島、科技將如何改變大腦的未來”


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