The Alliance 聯盟世代

A short and easy read with some refreshing perspectives for talent management in today’s fast changing world, by Reid Hoffman ,the cofounder of LinkedIn, and a member of the PayPal mafia

“A leaders job is not to put greatness into people, but to recognize that it already exists, and create an environment that greatness can emerge and grow”, Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit

很實用的一本管理書籍。公司和員工有時會希望建立”家人般”的關係,但現實職場中很難行得通(總不能hire/fire 家人吧)。倒是作者提出”盟友”的關係,像是球隊與球員一般,願意放眼長期,委身幫助彼此成功,是個不錯的參考方向。



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