Swearing Is Good for You 罵髒話也有科學?

“Swearing is like mustard, a great ingredient but a lousy meal. We need that part of our language to keep its potency.”

After a couple busy days, I could use some entertainment read, so please excuse my French. I imagine the narrator of this audio book must have enjoyed this *beep*ing  interesting assignment. I wonder how foul language will be represented in the world of AI 😊


讀這書不是想得知罵髒話如何提高忍受痛苦的能力,如何在熟人中提高信任,如何創造群體感,還有為什麼用自己的母語罵髒話效果遠大於長大後學的第二語言 (然後,對女生來說常常是反效果)。主要的收穫是了解作者怎麼研究這個話題,從腦神經科學,到語言學,到心理學,還有一些社會學



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