Smarter faster better 創造更好的思維習慣


特別喜歡作者講到創新時,用Disney Frozen 為例,讓Elsa從邪惡姐姐的奇怪故事,變成人們很能共鳴的手足故事

1. People are motivated when they feel in control 人在感到可以對情況有掌握時最有動力(所做的可以影響結果

2. Teams, how not who 團隊如何運作比團隊中有沒有明星更重要

3. Focus (mental simulation) 在腦中演練事情發展有助於專注 (特別提醒現在太依賴科技自動化的人)

4. Goal setting — manage the desire to have cognitive closure. Balance specific goals with stretch goals

5. Managing others– Creating the “commitment culture” by nurturing trust

6. Decision making- Being comfortable with doubt and knowing that you dont know everything. Be okay with adjusting assumptions
決策 — 知道自己並非全知是好的,習於常常檢視自己的預設條件讓自己不致落入盲點

7. Innovation
Mixing old ideas in new ways
Be sensitive with you own instincts (look inward)
Create heathly diversity and disturbance in the team. Keep a critical distance with your ideas

創新 — 將跨界或跨時空的點子用新方法混搭,跟自己的超棒點子保持距離不被綁架,查驗心中真實的感受(可避免流於通俗),並在團隊的組成上適時變化以激發新的化學效應

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