Quench your own thirst 啤酒老闆講故事


Love it when the author is the one reading the book to me. It really felt like the entrepreneur was telling me his story over a beer. The more he drank the better it got!

“Shit happens, you just have to accept it. That’s not to say you should adopt a passive fatalistic attitude, lots of opportunities in business are made not stumbled upon. The key is to scrap around and create your desired reality as best you can”
— Jim Koch, on the role of luck in businesses

On co-opetition

“Jim, you’re the lead dog at this beer thing, you’re out in front breaking new ground and pulling the sled. And when the other dogs look up and see you, what do they see? A BIG asshole! But remember, if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. So keep pulling the sled and don’t worry about the other dogs and what they see, and remember you’re all pulling the sled together”
–Eddie Burks, an owner of Doyle’s, a bar near our brewery who compared business to a dog-sled race

Oh, and the “Fxxk You” rule in their company was brilliant 🙂

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