On China 季辛吉論中國

This book is definitely going to make the top 5 of my 2015 reads. I highly recommend this and “China, a macro history” (By Ray Huang) to those who are interested in understanding China or need to interact with the Chinese!

前美國國務卿季辛吉超過50年與中國打交道的經驗。真的很佩服一個美國人對於中國的歷史,世界觀,和戰略思維,有如此精闢的分析。裡面多次提及台灣在兩強關係中的角色,在馬習/習馬 會剛結束時,讀過去60+年的歷史,格外令人深思。

有了兩次世界大戰的歷史,這世界的強權無法再用零和(zero-sum)的想法判斷情勢,而是要建立共生(co-evolution)的習慣, it’s a road never travelled but absolutely required for constructing a healthy future for the world.


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