No Room for Small Dreams 以色列前總統、諾貝爾和平奬得主佩雷斯的領導力



A new book that will make it to my top 10 this year. Filled with so much critical thinking, hope, pragmatism, and very very well written

“Count the number of dreams you have and compare with the number of achievements you’ve had. If you have more dreams than achievements, then you are still young”– Shimon Peres to his children

“The choice at the heart of leadership: to pursue big dreams and suffer the consequences, or narrow ones ambitions in an effort to get along. ” — on the tough choices leaders make

“In the years to come, we must remember that peace negotiation will never begin with an happy end. They will begin, instead, from an obscure and complicated situation, colored with memory of pain and violence, and they will take time. So let us rededicate ourselves to that effort, and save the happy end for the ending”

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