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4/2, World Autism Awareness Day.

Science doesn’t only serve the purpose of solving problems by fixing or curing. It can also lead to more understanding, more empathy, and perhaps improving society’s thinking of making itself more inclusive for every person.

科學一般是非分明講求證據,所以感覺上是冰冷的。但閱讀自閉症的研究史,覺得科學可以很溫暖。更多的了解可以帶來更多的同理,也讓社會思考如何讓不同的孩子都能找到他的路。Dr Asperger 和許多醫療人員真的很了不起,但背後有更多是勇敢不放棄的父母

CNN: “Living with Autism in a world made for others”

“Dear autism:
You don’t have my son; I do
I will make sure that he is never defined by his autism alone.
Although his autism makes some things incredibly challenging, it also brings with it remarkable gifts
I will make sure that we work on his challenges.
I will make sure that we celebrate his gifts.
This is only the beginning….”
(By mother of an autistic child)

中文版 “我們如何從治療異數,走到接納多元”

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