Mighty be our Powers 我們不是弱者

Reading about strong women this weekend

Amazing story of the women’s peace movement that helped bring Liberia from war to peace.

The women were tired of abuse, dying family members, staving kids, and seeing their boys become child soldiers.

-They stood up to the dictator without money or weapons
-Together, Christian or Muslim or not, they “prayed the devil back to hell”
-They went through the depression when the warlords try to bribe and divide them.
-They forced the army men to see them as mothers not victims and “taught the boys a lesson” in the African way (hard to write this in a post, gotta read the book)

Liberia still has long ways to go but the movement is still on going and influencing neighbor countries in Africa


中文版 “我們不是弱者:諾貝爾和平獎得主蕾嫚.葛博維的生命故事”


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