Memory and Movies 電影與記憶


MIT出版難得有趣的書。從許多電影窺見記憶是如何形成 ( 為何人們這麼愛聽故事),在腦中如何運作 (難忘經驗,創傷症候群),然後如何消失(阿茲海默症, etc)

“So which story do you prefer?” –Life of Pi (少年Pi)

“But now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and that he saved me in every way that a person can be saved. I dont even have a picture of him, he exists now only in my memory” –Titanic (鐵達尼號)

“I dont know, Sean, you just seem so different”– Face/Off (變臉)

“One life ends, another life begins” –Avatar (阿凡達)

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