Less Medicine More Health 少點醫療多點健康

Interesting book, makes me think about the implications of AI and big data in healthcare. Also, a coincidence that I received my 23andme report today, which tells me that I am Asian and my genes predispose me to weigh above average. Does this mean I can now take credit for staying thin?

上海一日生活圈可以讀完的書。 在醫療人工智慧和大數據發展的時刻,醫生引導人思考決定 (醫療的目的是什麼,健康的定義是什麼,病患對於生命的品質可以怎麼決策),制度考量何謂 performance和獎勵機制設計,並且病患更有察覺(明白醫生也只是人),比以往更加重要了啊~

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