Indonesia 一個人的印尼旅行

On my way back to Asia, my reading also shifted back to Asia.

Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world. A country made up of 13000+ islands, over 360 ethnic groups, and more than 700 languages. I didn’t know much about Indonesia, but the author made it fun and easy to understand, this country that is so big yet so invisible for most of the time.

小時候社區裡有位幫忙打掃的印尼華僑,碧英阿姨。她口中的印尼是她想念的地方,”東西都辣辣的很好吃”,並常常送我們上面有著”頭上戴著水桶的人” (印尼版的蔣中正)的印尼郵票。更多了解印尼的人文歷史後,比較能體會他們外出打工的辛苦。希望台灣對所有來打工的都友善和尊重。

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