Homo Deus 從智人到神人


At the dawn of the third millennium of history, is intelligence decoupling from consciousness? Which is more valuable?

One more book into my 2017’s top 10 list.

Very well written and well thought out, I could hardly put it down. The part where he described the relationship between science and religion I felt was particularly interesting.

“Science and religion are like a husband and wife who after 500 years of marriage counselling still don’t know each other. He still dreams about Cinderella and she keeps pining for Prince Charming, while they argue about who’s turn it is to take out the rubbish.”

讀起來會很震撼的書,但非常有趣。查了中文版的名稱,以為又是個未來主義者把人當成神。看完了才發現剛好相反,會讓你很深地思考身為人類到底我們有哪些選擇? (跟 “Who owns the future” 類似的論點,很清楚地分析為什麼大量的工作會消失)



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