Hidden Figures 關鍵少數

“Being part of Black First was a powerful symbol, she knew just as well as anyone…..but she also knew that the best thing about breaking a barrier was that it would never have to be broken again”.

Looking forward to seeing the movie someday

這幫黑人女數學家在種族隔離時期能堅持不懈,碰到歧視就想方法讓實力證明一切,並不遺餘力幫助後輩爭取機會。沒有看到半點抱怨或自憐,只有看到柔韌的精神。 而且他們也不斷追求精進。從中學數學老師,變成“human computer”,變成數學家,並在電腦科技飛速進步後成為工程師


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