Factfullness. 資訊爆炸下的思考紀律


當中文翻譯出來時,這應該當成每個高中生必讀的書籍。還有每個看新聞覺得世界快毀滅的人,或是想要做些公益活動的人,都能獲益。 數據很重要,知道如何交叉使用多種數據很重要,知道數據不是全貌,能冷靜退一步思考全局更是這個資訊爆炸時代所必須的。

“Assume you are not ‘normal’ and other people are not idiots”

” I don’t tell you not to worry, I tell you to worry about the right things. I don’t tell you to look away from the news or to ignore the activists’ call to action, I tell you to ignore the noise but keep an eye on the big global risks. I don’t tell you not to be afraid, I tell you to stay coolheaded and support the global collaborations we need to reduce these risks. Control your urgency instincts, control all your dramatic instincts.”


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