Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z 與麥可捷克森

“I”m not a business man, I”m a business, man” — Jay Z

It’s definitely more fun to read about how top entertainers do business than corporate business stories

It will be interesting to see what Jay Z’s next thing is. He and Beyoncé don’t seem to be short of surprises and new ideas

As to MJ, my takeaway from the book: It’s a blessing to have people around you who can tell you that your idea is dumb and say no

一邊讀音樂人的傳記,一邊聽他的歌, 跟吃一個地方在地食材一邊喝當地的酒,好像有異曲同工之妙

Jay-Z Hard Knock Life

Michael Jackson Thriller

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