Digital Destiny 大數據的命運

Thanks to my colleague for the recommendation. Very well written, insightful, and relevant to what I’ve seen during this trip

“It has been said that data collection is like garbage collection: before you collect it you should have in mind what you are going to do with it,” — Russell Fox, Max Gorbuny, and Robert Hooke, in “The Science of Science”

The author’s description of data’s characteristics is very personified and interesting

– Data seeks permanence
– Data wants to replicate
– Data is instantaneous
– Data constantly move towards efficiency
– Data creates chaos, then towards order
– Data is always moving
– Data in infinitely divisible

記得我老闆兩年前說“Apple市值超越了Exxon(石油公司),是首次看見資訊公司超越能源公司。前幾次的工業革命都是能源相關的(蒸汽機,電,鐵道,etc)。現在才真的是資訊的時代” 。


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