Becoming the Good News 成為好消息

“Once we are grasped by the good news, we must learn to be shaped by the good news. In prayer, we learn to become good news.”

This answered so many questions I had as a kid who grew up in Sunday school and wondered why sometimes we sound ridiculous. So excited about getting to work and getting my hands dirty with problem solving, because there is hope.

讀得我熱血沸騰,時差全無。終於有人清楚闡明這個“好消息”到底是什麼碗糕而且干大家什麼事。歷史學家從第一世紀猶太人的世界觀解釋他們怎麼解讀這些文字 (就像不了解現在時代背景就無法了解網路用語 “銅鋰鋅“或是 “我一定吉” 一般)。難怪Google 和 Peter Thiel 等等會邀請他去分享

NT Wright’s talk at Google

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