Becoming Steve Jobs 側寫賈伯斯

Long weekend reading. Double dose of Steve Jobs, from two different perspectives. Posting this from my iPod and listened to The Beatles on vinyl while reading 🙂

The biography is a fun read if one is interested about Job’s life, but a bit too much of stereotyping in my opinion. I liked the “Becoming” book better. It’s a growth story instead of a success story, and it offers different view points from how he’s normally portrayed

從兩個不同的觀點認識賈伯斯, 因為不想只看一般給他的標籤: 天才/專橫暴君/冷血/直覺開發產品, 等等。其實他歷經Pixar之後成熟不少,銳利直覺中可以融入他人的一些意見,學會耐心和授權,但不變的是追求卓越的熱情, 無止盡的好奇、學習、思考、創造。

Reading about how his love for Pixar and how much he learned from Ed Catmull got me really looking forward to my next book “Creativity,Inc.”


中文版 “天才巨星的挫敗與孕成”

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