Unleashing the Power of People 員工不是組織中的螺絲釘


一直都覺得現代管理不該waterfall 但如何用一部分scrum 的精神發展組織與事業?然後就遇見這本書了

“People don’t want to be entertained at work, they want to learn.”

前 Netflix HR 寫關於組織文化的書,在未來工作型態大幅改變之際很值得一讀。


但是,對於這此書我也有保留之處,特別是她說他們也有犯錯但並沒有具體例子 (講失誤的企業故事參考價值比成功案例高),有些做法我也多少覺得是必須考慮月暈效應的因素 (如果他們公司不是在好的態勢恐怕不會work)

Last but not least, a shout-out to my partner at HR Treena Lin for being a business person, for actively participating in our strategy discussions, and for partnering with us in organization growth.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come along but definitely not content, we still have so much more to do! 💪

“I want to come to work everyday to solve *these problems* with *these people*!”

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