The Silk Roads 從貿易來看世界史

One month into 2017 and I already have a book that will make it to my top 10 list

The time has come, for Silk road economic belt to be built, in other words, a new Silk road” — China’s president Xi JinPing

Now part of my favorite-books-list on world history
– “The silk roads” , from a trade point of view
– ” Destiny disrupted”, from an Islamic point of view
– “World Order” , from a diplomatic point of view
– ” Glimpses of world history”, from an Asian point of view

Every time I read about geopolitics, I cant help but think of the game “Twister”, where everyone is stepping over everyone else.



另外,非常推薦央視 “一帶一路”的紀錄片。雖然不免宣傳意味,但清楚描繪對歷史脈絡的理解,和對未來中國經濟發展的規劃 。





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